Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Roast Chicken Salad

Margaret: This was a pretty good day for Quizno's. I was kinda hungry today so we went with the roasted chicken salad. I have a funny feeling these Quizno's salads are secretly not very good for you, but still, it was pretty good. Roasted chicken, bacon, tomatos, onions, cheese, all the classics. They have a very yellow honey mustard dressing that was pretty good, I didn't use much, it was just a little too yellow. But my favorite part of todays salad was the warm pita that they give you. It's always really soft and yummy and you can make little salad sandwiches with it, but today, the cheese from the salad melted all over the warm pita bread and it was all kinds of delicious. This wasn't so bad...I'll give it a solid B.

John: Better than the "theme" salads at Quiznos by a long shot. This one contains just what it should. I also thought the dressing was kinda odd. My only bitch is the price. Two salads and two drinks somehow costs like $20. Bee.

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Anonymous said...

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