Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Riviera Salad

Margaret: I'm no dummy. This time, we only ordered one salad from Au Bon Pain. Even though I was tempted by the "ranch dressing" which I love, I knew better than to order myself a whole salad, why you ask? Because, this one has GRAPES and CRANBERRIES. Blech. With ranch dressing? Blech. So I had my requisite few bites of the salad and it just...doesn't taste right. The ranch tasted funky, the salad tasted funky, there is just something so off about the Au Bon Pain salads, I mean, you can't even get ranch and lettuce right? WHY? WHY OH WHY? It is a mystery that this salad blogger may never get to the end of. So...I'll give this a C, because I didn't think much about it at all. Totally, completely in every way a mediocre salad.

John: A tragedy! The Grapes of Ranch. Too sweet. Too hard to eat (grapes are slippery devils) without shoveling. Must be a ton of sugar (2 fruits) in it. Every bite tastes the same. Like the Puggle - why does this even exist? At least is was fresh lettuce. C+

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