Monday, October 22, 2007

Make Your Own Salad

Margaret: Wow, what a relief. Seriously, to sit down, and eat a salad and FINISH the salad because it was delicious. Well...I feel...satiated. We had the "choose your own" today and I appreciate the choices I had. I had the field greens, mozzarella, cucumbers and onions and oddly enough in this salad world of ours, everything tasted like what it was! The lettuce tasted like lettuce, the onions tasted like onions and the little crumbles of mozzarella were delicious, especially when it came down to the bottom of the bowl and it was this ranchy, cheesy goodness. The service at Pazzini's is unbelievably ridiculous, they take forever, but at least this one was worth waiting for. I almost licked the bowl. A. Yup, you heard me, A.

John: Romaine OR Field Greens with 3 toppings of your choice for $4.99. Now thats a deal. Tons of thing to choose from. Mostly Italian ingredients but still - thanks for the choice. I pretty much got my classic "salad bar" salad. It was awesome. Everything was fresh. The only snag in the day was the service. Everything went into the computer like 3 times even though the lady making it was standing right there. Also they kept giving away our ham and cheese pannini so we'd have to wait for a new one and then they'd give it away and we'd have to wait for a new one. So here is my review. Get this if there is a short line. Skip it if its chaos. I'm also going A on this one. Good work Pazzini - you snuck in to the top five!

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