Monday, February 4, 2008

Artisan Wine Cellar
Salad of the Day 2

Margaret: Well, this salad from the little artisan panini place was DEFINITELY better than the last one. The thing about this salad was that it was kind of uninspired. I mean, we had some greens and some crazy kind of dijon salad dressing, there were some dried tomatoes and colby cheese. But the thing about this was, even though it was not a very exciting salad, the cheese was ridick. It was just these little baubles of colby cheese that were so rich. I always think I just love LOVE cheese, but what I'm finding out is really that I LOVE processed cheese. I mean, this colby was delicious, but it was really powerful cheese. I don't know, the salad was fine, my panini was fine, but as is apparent by walking into this wine and cheese shop, its the cheese that makes this salad float, and if you're not into fancy cheese, you're not into artisan salads. I liked it though, I'll give it a solid B.

John: We had to give the salad of the day a second run. What if the first day was a fluke? Well it wasn't. Artisan Wine Cellar is the bomb. Today it was spring greens, basil, roasted tomatoes, red onions and artisan colby with a dijon walnut vin. Tons of complimentary flavors going on here. The big star was the cheese, white crumbles of colby all over. It made the salad. I've got to stop talking this place up. The counter is too small the crowds the food deserves. Nothing will ever taste like plastic here I can tell you. Grab a sandwich and a Italian Lemonade and you've got the kind of lunch you can feel good about eating. Rock solid A.