Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch

John: Want to know how this one tasted? Take a look at the fancy SALAD DAZE PICTURE IN PICTURE. Thats how its tasted. Like rotten lettuce that was chopped in a dirty wood chipper sometime way back when Britney still had her babies. YUM! I think the Bacon Ranch is the worst of the offerings at McDs. Even deep frying couldn't save this one. F. BOOOOOO.

Margaret: Well, I have not too much to say on this subject, we all know how Mickey D's handle their salads, which is not very well at all. The crispy chicken is always tasty, I'm not going to deny it, almost everyone loves a chicken finger and some ranch dressing. But once you get into the lettuce and the cardboard carrots, it all goes awry. The lettuce tastes like plastic bag, so you end up just eating fried chicken and that is not really a salad. It's fine, but I'm bored with Mickey D's salads, they're sub-par and I know have not one ounce of something good in them. C-.

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