Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Raspberry Chipotle Chicken

John: Chipotle makes you think SouthWest doesn't it? Me too. There isn't a thing about this salad thats SouthWestern. Not even the dressing. I'm a pepper man and I couldn't taste any heat in the "sauce" that came with this salad. The only actual difference between this salad and the roasted chicken we just reviewed is the dressing. Really none of the Quiznos salads are any different once you take the "toppings" off of it. All in all it was fine but really this is just a Chicken Club Salad with a Raspberry Vin. So for lying to me, I give you a C+.

Margaret: Yes Quizno's you are very creative! Take a regular roasted chicken salad, put a raspberry smoothie on it and call it something fancy. Yes, you are very smart! Blech. You know, the roasted chicken salad was fine the way it was, there is no reason to put a raspberry smoothie on it just so you can have another salad to put on your menu. It doesn't taste good. I'm sorry, it just doesn't. It wasn't even raspberry vinagrette, literally like a thick smoothie on chicken. Blech. You know, I'm not in the best mood anyway today, but when Quizno's tries to pull a salad switch on me, I get very pissy. Yes okay, the little pita pieces (especially when the cheese gets stuck on it) are very good. Mmmmm. Oh wait, no they're not, because they're drenched in Jamba Salad dressing. Blech. Boo to you, I'm bringing your average way down Q to the Z, you get a big fat D. D!


garzie55 said...

John & Margaret,
"Different strokes for different folks"...I absolutely love this salad. The dressing in my opinion is just spicy enough and the greens are always crisp. The chicken also has a nice smokey flavor. I have tried this salad at 3 different Quizno's in Houston, and only one got it wrong...they used shaved ham and/chicken on it instead of the roast chicken !! It was still pretty good because of the dressing. I love the dressing so much, that I am looking online for a recipe for it (that's how I stumbled onto your site.) Maybe Quizno's in Texas just know how to make it better...To each his own ;)

Charise said...

It's so weird that I'm here posting a comment about this salad (actually, the dressing) but I just bought a little side salad from Quiznos on my way home because I wasn't that hungry for a big salad. Decided I'd try the raspberry chipotle dressing. Came home, added a boiled egg and some left over chicken breast and it was sooooooooo delicious that I'm on google now trying to find this dressing. Found a company named Fischer & Wieser that makes some. Hope it's the same brand! I can eat a salad everyday with this dressing. Maybe it'll help me slim down for my upcoming cruise (or maybe not :-) Charise Carter

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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LocustSt said...

I really like this salad too. Probably going to go get one tonight!