Thursday, October 18, 2007

Southwest Chicken Salad (Crispy)

Margaret: Well, I liked the grilled chicken southwest salad pretty well, which is rare for a Mickey D's salad, so I was okay getting this one with the grilled chicken. There's some kind of "pre-sauce" that comes on it and I started to dig in. Blech, I thought, this salad tastes like poo. Then John pointed out the actual salad dressing and that I hadn't put it on yet. So when I did put it on, the salad tasted much better! It's an okay salad I guess, I really like the little tortilla chips and corn and beans, and am impressed that Mickey D's has the inclination to put all that extra stuff in there. But I'm telling you, make sure you put the dressing on (at least some) because without it, it tastes like a big bowl of plastic lettuce. I dunno, I guess a C+

John: Oh McDonalds. This was your big break. I liked you grilled version of this salad alot. Today's was kinda limp by comparison. I thought it was still pretty good actually (once the dressing and lime go on to cover the taste of the lettuce) but not as good as last time. I finished it and that earns a solid B. Farewell Mcdonalds. Now that we have eaten all 8 of your salads I no longer have a good reason to go there. Well Monopoly........

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