Thursday, June 7, 2007

Grilled Chicken Bacon Ranch

John: YUK! One solid week of 18+ hour days at work on a pitch and this is my reward? Another hot meat on lettuce in a bowl nightmare. I finished eating it out of obligation and extreme hunger. What kind of salad is that? McDonald's - thanks for making the switch to romaine over iceburg. Thats cool and so are you. But this salad was designed as some sort broad demographically pleasing average salad. And average salads get average grades. C-. The minus is for the LACK of a packet of factory bread croutons.

Margaret: I'm with my boyfriend on this one. And you know what? I was looking forward to this salad, because the southwest salad was muy deliciouso. This salad? Tasted like warm cicada on wilty lettuce. I believe there were bacon bits on the salad, but I didn't taste them. There were definitely some carrots, shaved so thin you couldn't taste those either. The grilled chicken was a strange salmony color, which is great for salmon, but not chicken. Patooey. A hot salad on a hot day does not a cool Hixx make. Blechy. This was a gross salad Mickey D's...maybe that's your nickname because thats what your salad grade is...a big fat D.

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