Monday, June 18, 2007

Ding Dong the Wretch is Dead!

John: You dream about things like this - and then they happen. I almost believe in THE SECRET. Great Steak Company & Potato has closed its doors. Why? Who can say. Maybe there aren't enough teenage boys in the world to keep it open. The best part is never having to eat the damn HOT HAM SALAD!!!!

Margaret: Some days, you wake up, and everything is the same as it was two days ago. You're back at the same old job, doing the same old thing, and life seems like its just going to repeat itself over and over and over. UNTIL, something wonderful happens. Something so wonderful it can change your whole day, something that finally puts a smile on your face you didn't expect to see on a soon-to-be rainy Monday. Some days, life can change on a dime. One whole crappy food place opens, and one, oh so thankfully closes. Goodbye Great Steak and Potato Company, and don't let the ass salad hit you on your way out.

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