Monday, June 25, 2007

Chicago Pita
Chicken Caesar

Margaret: Mmmmmmm. Delicious. Remember before about my "processed" taste complaint? Well, Chicago Pita has done what no other place has been able to do so far. Put actual, HUGE, chunks of real chicken on their salad. It was really good too. Really well flavored, and it definitely felt like I was eating something. Because I was, I was eating huge, REAL chunks of yummy chicken. I think there could have been a little more yummy stuff on it, but all in all, this was a pretty good salad. A-

John: One look at ACTUAL CHICKEN and I knew I was going to be OK. What I love about Chicago Pita is that almost everything is from scratch. The way a restaurant should be. Once you become a regular they remember you. The way a restaurant should be. This was a meal of a salad and everything worked out even (not too much or too little of any ingredient) in the end. Only gripe is I would have loved some hard boiled egg or maybe red onion. A-

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