Monday, June 18, 2007

Harvest Salad

John: Romaine, cranberries, walnuts, gorgonzola, carrots and apples with a pretty light bal. vin for $5. I liked it well enough. I don't think the dressing was good/large enough to tie the ingredients together. From the first bite this was a B salad. No real raves - no real complaints. Starbucks does a good job of having "cafe feeling" food in its little case so if you are maybe looking for something quick and cheap and low in calories this will get you there. B.

Margaret: Now, see this salad is where things get a little screwy. Because, I thought this salad was horrible. Gorgonzola cheese tastes like smelly b.o., I've already mentioned my aversion to cranberries in my salad, and whole chunks of apple with a vinagrette dressing just doesn't go for me. So even though I didn't necessarily enjoy this salad, it wasn't the salad's fault! Everything was fresh, the apples were crispy, there were walnuts and carrots and it wasn't very expensive. So...the salad to me was unappetizing, but the salad for others might be delicious. So, in the name of trying to keep things balanced, I'll give this one a C+. They call me Middle of the Road Hixx.

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matt said...

Boo for middle of the road... if it isn't your type of salad, slam it! Less vinagrette, more vitriol!

(Oddly enough, despite my brain thinking that apples and vinagrette would be gross, I actually enjoy the combo. Cranberries, are still gross.)