Thursday, June 21, 2007

Chicken Caesar

Margaret: was okay. I like this salad well enough I suppose. I ate more of this salad than I have a lot of the other ones. I just can't get past the processedness of a lot of these salads. I thought the cheese tasted kinda funny. And the way they diced their chicken was smart, because it was so small, you never got a full bite of processedness. There were a nice amount of onions and tomatoes. The pita was good, and you all know me, I made little cesaer chicken pita salad sandwiches, and when I mashed them all together like that, it was pretty good. Now, I tried to find the actual nutrional information for the salad and apparently, Quizno's doesn't list their info. Which is annoying. But if you're stuck on an island with a Quizno's and a Great Steak and Potato Company, get the Quizno's. Fo shizzle. Oooh, and for some reason the triangle shape of the packaging really pleased me. B-

John: Quizno's you just might get back into my heart. You were a rotten client and when I tasted your "pre-release" version of this salad last fall I thought it was gross. Well you've turned it around. They have given up their own flatbread and switched to pitas. Good move. For $6 I got real chicken and real shaved parm and a big cup of peppery caesar dressing. Between the cheese, the dressing and the pitas I'm sure there must be some calories (934) but I'll take 'em. B+. Would have gotten an A- but I'm still pissed about all that overtime Quiznos made me work last summer.

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