Friday, May 11, 2007

She said...

So, this is our salad blog huh? I like.

John has said pretty much everything I wanted to say, but let me just preface this experiment with one thing:

I'm very particular about my food.

So this should prove to be most interesting. I find salads with fruit in them to be an abhorence of nature. Fruit and lettuce are not meant to go together.

I'm very particular about my dressings as well, meaning, I like Ranch. So these fancy Au Bon Pain dressings are going to be interesting as well.

So know this going into it, I'm going to be stepping out of my salad comfort zone, and entering into a dangerous, unchartered, untasted territory. All in the name of love.

Wish me luck.

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rachelleb said...

you guys are making me want to do this at ogilvie train station... too many options there, though, i think. we go there almost every day for lunch and i'm stuck in a corner bakery salad rut. this would make me go downstairs to the fast food section and try all those salads too. i might be surprised!