Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Tuna Nicoise

John: Loved it. This is my kind of $5.99 salad. Classic recipe (Tuna, egg, boiled potatoes, tomato, no olives please) and good quality ingredients tossed with a lightly seasoned vin & oil. They could have used blanched green beans to really make it spot on to what my idea of what Tuna Nicoise is. On the side I chose a rosemary breadstick covered in pretzel salt that was also perfect. This was the restaurant I've been looking forward to least. The Mart location is chaos. No real lines or system of any kind. And if you don't want one of the pre-made salads from the case (you don't) then its going to take a while to get your food. We waited maybe 10 minutes and had to endure watching everyone who came after us get their sandwiches first. Still as far as salads go this one was great. Left feeling like I had eaten something good for me. Isn't that the point of a damn salad in the first place? Would have been an A- but the time it took pushed it down to B+.

Margaret: BLAH, YUCK, PATOOEY, GROSS! Oh man, I hated this salad. I hated it so much that I still hate it even as I'm writing. I swear to pete the description said this was tuna SALAD, but it wasn't. It was chunks of disgusting tuna on wilty lettuce, some tuna tomatoes, tuna potatoes and tuna egg bits. Okay, maybe I just don't like tuna (I like tuna salad, add mayo to anything, it'll make it better, and this includes to our love life)but I thought the whole salad blew. I tried to pick around the tuna chunks and eat the potatoes and egg, but it just didn't happen. I got some large piece of chewy bread that was delicious compared to my tuna lettuce. There are like...a bajillion more salads from Au Bon Ass (I eat here a lot, they make a wicked turkey sammy on wheat, yum, still hungry) and I'm scared of the salads that are coming. I don't even want to think about this salad anymore because just remembering tasting it is making me a little ill. D- (it would have been an F, but I can't flunk the salad because I hate plain tuna right? RIGHT?)

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