Friday, May 11, 2007

The Rules

Ten locations in the Mart have salads on the menu. We will be using a d20 (nerd talk) to randomly generate which restaurant we will go to that day. At that point Mags and I will agree on an as yet unreviewed salad for both of us to have for lunch. No toppings may be added or removed (except for black olives which I would rather die than eat) from the salad as designed by the restaurant. If it comes with a "suggested" dressing - thats the one we must use. A photo and a "he said - she said" will be posted for y'all. So many rules for weeds and croutons.

The Restaurants:

1 McDonalds
2 Potbelly
3 AuBonPain
4 Tokyo Lunchbox
5 Quiznos
6 Pazzini's
7 Arby's
8 Chicago Pita
9 Great Steak and Potato Company - I am as shocked as you are
10 Starbucks

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