Thursday, May 17, 2007

Market Fresh Chicken Club

Margaret: When John rolled that D20, I prayed, PRAYED for something good to eat. And I got it! I GOT IT! Now granted, it's a salad with fried chicken on top and that's hard to beat, I mean, put a cheeseburger on top of any of these salads and they'll get an A. But even without the chicken, it still would have been pretty good! The egg was a nice addition, little bits of cukes and some cherry tomatoes (which I cannot stand, but I understand their importance in salad-land), all came together for a perfectly pleasant salad experience. I thought the bacon was unnecessary and a little too smokey for my taste and the lettuce had a distinct "plastic bag" sort of taste, but with the suggestion of Ranch Dressing (YAY!),I found the salad to be quite tasty. Can't beat the price either. Know what I did? Ate the whole "salad" part and saved my little chicken fingers for afterwards. Like dessert. This salad gets a nice solid B.

John: Finally a good salad. Chicken tenders, bacon, cheese, egg, tomato and cukes with Buttermilk Ranch for $4.99. It was full of textures as you ate it - which I am discovering is the key to a good salad. That "mouthfeel" of a bunch of things coming together. This salad might have gone as far as A- but I know it wasn't really all that good for me - 630 calories. AND I had to beg the lady working there to get one. I know working at Arby's must not pay a ton but come on - make eye contact once during the order. B+


Tankboy said...

I mean, put a cheeseburger on top of any of these salads and they'll get an A


smussyolay said...

i'm so glad rachelle sent the link for this to the group. i'm in denver and haven't checked any blog stuff recently. you guys RULE!! this is a great idea for a blog (i love the reference to a mcd surf and turf!!!) and makes me want to explore some other ideas/options. the internet and hixx and john rule.

Salad Daze said...

Nice to see you Smuss!