Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Roasted Chicken Salad

John: Delicious roasted chicken breast, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on a bed of field greens with our house dressing. What a LOAD. Dry boiled chicken, tomatoes and tiny white bits on a bed of lettuce with a tiny cupful of brown liquid AND AS A BOUNS dried out leftover day-old flatbread they use for pizza crusts. It was truly the plainest blandest salad I've ever eaten. For $6.49 I was expecting some sort of premium salad. A meal of a salad. Instead I got a bowl full of good ingredients (everything was fresh - except the rock hard bread) that didn't combine to form anything. When I got back upstairs to the office I made a Bologna sandwich on white with squeeze mayo to get the taste of the salad out of my mouth. High cost with no payback • F+ (the + is for the grape tomatoes)

Margaret: You know, seriously, how hard can it be to make a damn salad? When John had rolled the D20 and said we were going to Pazzini's, I thought: "hot damn! Now I can get me a good salad!" Yet, alas, as John mentioned above, this was horrible. It wasn't quite as gross as the Great Steak Company, but it also had nothing interesting about it at all. Rubbery chicken on hunks of lettuce with gross little tomatoes on top. At least with the steak salad, we knew we were heading into something icky, and were likewise prepared. This, I truly expected something delicious. Blech. Not only was there rubbery chicken and gross tomatoes and chunks of lettuce, that's ALL there was! There was no more! They have plenty of toppings over at Pazzini's, throw on some cukes! Some sprouts! Something to cover up the fact that I basically ate chicken gum. Boo. Boo Pazzini's chicken gum salad. I didn't finish it, and whatever salad I don't finish (cause I'm a hungry girl) gets an automatic D. It was slightly more edible than the steak, so no minus, but a nice solid D. Oh, and a P.S. The bread was stale and tasted like dirt. Boo.


DGold said...

Ok, this is always my fear with chicken and why I normally never eat it. Boiled rubber chicken? EW! Why would you ever want to eat this? I was going to ask if you guys got a little something after the salad, especially if it's as gross as this one and you answered my question. I'm glad sandwiches and such are allowed after a crappy salad experience and you didn't make the rule that you can't eat again until dinner, because that would be bad....very, very bad. Viva la salad daze!

STB said...

This is tragic - I love the Pazzini roasted chicken salad. The price is too high and the "bread" sticks are nasty, but if it weren't for the Potbelly Wreck Salad, I'd still be eating there.