Thursday, July 26, 2007

Classic Cobb

John: At $6.00 - Quiznos has the second most expensive salad in the Mart. When you pay a little extra for a salad you expect to see it and the Classic Cobb delivers in terms of ingredients and size. What it lacks is flavor - or maybe I should say FLAVORS. Every bite tasted the same independent of what was actually on my fork. Halfway through I said to the lovely Margaret "This could use some bacon" to which she replied "There is bacon" holding up a forkfull. I'm the bacon lovinest s.o.b. you are ever going to meet. I'd eat it everyday if wasn't deadly to do so. If I missed the flavor of bacon - then it wasn't there. What I tasted was a plastic corporate mess. C-

Margaret: Well, I remember liking the Cesar salad we got from Quizno's, too bad they couldn't keep it up. Bleu Cheese Bleu Cheese Bleu Cheese, why does everyone have this very distinctive cheese that half of Americans cannot stomach? Blech. The chicken is basically slaughtered in the tin, all shredded and salad-chicken soft, and it really looks like dead animal (I know it is actually dead animal, but still, its 2007 people! This is not The Jungle) lying ripped apart on some lettuce. There was some egg, I like egg...the bacon, I like bacon, it just didn't taste good. I'm starting to get very annoyed with a lot of these salads that, here they are, purporting to be fresh alternatives, and they're actually quite gross. I would have rather had a side of beef than have this "healthy" salad. I'm in a bit of a mood today, so I'm going to feel free to take it out on Quizno's and its Cobb salad. It was gross, couldn't finish it...D+. The plus being for the pretty tasty pita that comes with it.


knicksgrl0917 said...
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