Friday, July 6, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Turkey Sonoma

John: I'm a big fan of somebody else tossing my salad. Ugh... I am. So I appreciate what Au Bon Pain does when they actually use a fresh bowl for every salad and then toss it by hand. This is a "California" style salad so its got a few ingredients that don't go together at first glance. You know those Californians and their fusion everything. Spinach, turkey, oranges, gorgonzola, red peppers, tomatoes, bacon and cucs with a honey mustard dressing for like five and a half bones. Not bad. I liked the way the oranges and bacon and cheese interacted. This would have been a A- or B+ salad for me had it not been for the meat. The turkey is manufactured. I did a little experiment: I actually "chewed" the turkey with just my tongue. It had that wet pumped up with salty water kinda feel that you find at McDonalds. So boo bon pain. B-

Margaret: Hee hee, sorry...but John likes it when someone tosses his salad...hee. Anyway, gross. This is a foul salad. I'm sorry. But come on! Honey mustard dressing (which I actually quite liked, tangy!) and oranges???? Honey mustard and oranges? Come on now, even in Californiyay, they can't eat oranges and honey mustard sauce. Boo. The turkey was smushy and the gorgonzola once again tastes like man-sweat. The bacon and cukes were enticing, but all the more infuriating to find beads of b.o. cheese on them. I got myself a delicious big ole breadstick, that was good..but that was about it. I didn't like this salad. Not one bit. D.

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