Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Thai Chicken

John: Another Asian salad fouled by limp ingredients! Everything about this should have been great. Loved the dressing and the ratio of everything in there. But the cucumber was RUNNY and the chicken was spongy. In my salad experience (oohhhh aaahhh) Au Bon Pain employees are willing to put obviously OLD vegetables and meats on a salad. I've thrown away more than one of their pre-mades in disgust. Also they were out of my favorite breadstick. C-.

Margaret: I was kind of excited for this salad today. It's one of the few salads at Au Bon Pain that isn't marred by smelly man-feet cheese. And we had the Asian salad yesterday at Mickey D's and that was tasty, so...I figured this would be better. It wasn't. It just wasn't. Fine...I liked the fried won-ton strips okay? Is that something? I liked the salad dressing too. It was tangy and delicious. But the CHICKEN! What is it with the CHICKEN! Why is it so hard to have decent chicken? I mean this was gross, all rubbery and icky. I'm tired of it! DO YOU HEAR ME SALAD GODS? And you know what else? Just as a little aside? Some of us choose salads so that we can get our vegetables right? Not just for a lite lunch, but to actually get something healthy into our diet. And these salads, not just Au Bon Pain, but generally...these salads don't have anything in them! One shredded piece of tiny carrot, a wishy-washy cucumber, a dried out red pepper...put some broccoli on these suckers huh? Some more peppers? Cut up a few more carrots and lets get this thing rocking for petes sakes. This salad was just as gross as one with smelly cheese on it. Boo. C- from me too.

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