Monday, July 23, 2007

Crispy Chicken Asian

Margaret: Two broken lovers, one with a bit of the heartburn, one with a bit of the uterus burn. Hungry, but leery...interested but disheartened. We turn to McDonalds to get us through a Monday afternoon. And Mickey D's did pretty well. I liked the Asian salad. Again, no reason for little oranges to be in there, but I get that's part of the "Asian" thing. Fine..easy enough to push aside. The sesame salad dressing was light and tasted delcious on our crispy chicken. The edamame was good and bright green...I find it interesting that even though this salad was a bit wilty, it was still A THOUSAND times better than the Bacon Ranch crap we had from Mickey D's before. So..right now, Mickey D's is doing really well with their "influenced" salads (the Southwest Salad we both liked, and now the Asian) and is poop when it comes to a plain old Americany salad. What up with that? I enjoyed it though, I thought it was quite tasty. I'm giving it a B- for the wilty salad.

John: I am a lover of the Asian salad - always have been. C.P.K. has the best you'll ever eat. Anyway this was one of the salads I was looking forward to. I'm a sucker for sesame dressing and naked little oranges. The clown does a good job on this one. Red Peppers and Peapods and Almonds and Edamame - awesome and thanks. Although a soy bean on a salad isn't much of stretch for McDonalds since they have been "extending" their beef with them for years.... Today though this salad gets a C instead of the solid B it deserves. Salad Daze has made a breakthrough. Don't get salads at McDonalds on a Monday. The pre-made lettuce bowl has been sitting forever at that point. Everything was that 10% wilted level that turns a salad into a bowl of crap with dressing.

Better luck next time Mayor McChinese. C.

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Crescent said...

the last time I had this salad there were fruit flies in it.