Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Greek Salad

Margaret: I thought this salad might be fine, I'm not in love with Feta cheese, but as far as crumbly, smelly, b.o. cheese goes, this Feta is the best of the lot. And I was right, this salad was fine for me. Because this salad tastes like every other salad I've had at Foodstuffs. I really think they're stuff is so generic. This tasted just like the chopped salad with chicken breast, exactly the same. You can't taste anything in these salads but the lettuce and the dressing really. Again, I really liked the dressing...that is totally what they're doing, they're making generic salads with delicious dressing on them. Fine, totally edible, but uninspiring. C.

John: BLAH BLAH BLAH. This salad tastes just like most of the rest from this joint. Here's why. Take TOO MANY ingredients and chop them together. You'll get the same salad again and again. Why does all garbage smell the same even when its made up of different stuff? Same reason. It was as good as it was forgotten. Could have been a C if it hadn't taken forever. C-. BLAH.

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