Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Chop Ten Salad

Margaret: Happy New Year! Who would have guessed when we started that it would propel us to 2008 huh? Crazy huh? Yeah? Huh? So anyway, nothing has changed in 2008 for the Foodstuffs, I'll tell you what. It's still slow, it's still too crowded, the people who work there are still painfully nice while trying to manage the too long lines. Today we got the Chop Ten, filled with all kinds of goodies. There were green peppers and corn and edamame (my new favorite salad topping I think) and broccoli and cukes, all kinds of things. And then there was the honey dijon or some kind of dijon mustard. And you know what? The salad tasted like dijon mustard. I can't figure it out with Foodstuffs, it all looks good, fresh and so many things in the bowl, and then when you pop a bite it all just tastes like lettuce with dijon salad dressing on it. My control group was the artichoke hearts. I love artichoke hearts, but sometimes they are just so pungent and tangy I can only eat little bits of them. The artichoke hearts in the Foodstuffs salads are like, 20% of what they usually taste like. I don't know, I mean, it was a perfectly good salad, but its not outstanding. There is something missing about Foodstuff's produce, like...taste. B-

John: Why wasn't today's salad an A+? I can't tell you for sure. Everything was in place. I think that although the veggies are "fresh" they aren't "freshly cut" and that makes all the difference. You'd think that with 10 ingredients that I could taste at least one once. Nope - every bit was the same. Until I dumped the dressing on the last bit. I think that the salads are FS are tailored to "dressing whores" and can't really be enjoyed without a cupful. I give you a C+ for the time and cost that don't seem to be playing out.

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