Tuesday, January 8, 2008

California Dreaming

Margaret: California Dreaming my ass. My idea of California Dreaming is San Francisco on a beautiful day, some hippies give us some of their sweet stuff and we go hang out at the park and eat delicious fruit. Foodstuff's idea of California Dreaming is all things that don't go together. This salad had walnuts, cranberries, tofu, blue cheese....yuck. All the things I'm not into at all. I had a couple of bites of the spinach and that was okay, the dressing was tangy enough, it just was not good. I don't know what's up with California, but their salads suck it. I'm giving this one a D. Because I really could only eat one bite.

John: I'm a big fan of "California" style salads with their nuts and berries. Target has a great one I used to get all the time when I worked in the burbs. The Foodstuffs version is "pretty good" overall. I got it tossed instead of chopped - because spinach turns into weeds once you chop it. That idea was both good and bad. The spinach was GREAT but the tofu was left in big ol chunks. Sort of a 6 of 1 - half a dozen of the other kinda complaint. I really liked this salad. Its the first one from FS with an actual POINT OF VIEW. I knew what I was eating and I knew it was good for me for a change. The rest of the FS salads all just taste and look so similar. Once I'm free from the bonds of this blog I will get this again for sure. Solid A-.