Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Artisan Wine Cellar
Salad of the Day

Margaret: Surprise! The wine/panini artisan store has salads of the day! One day you think you're done, the next day, something else happens to remind you you're not even close. Fleeting salads. So this "salad of the day" should have been called "yicky salad of the day." It came in a box, which is nice, I like salads in a box, there was also bread in the box, which is good, because I like bread, the rest of the salad is downhill from there. There were some leafy greens, a vinagrette dressing, fennel and bleu cheese. I took a bite without bleu cheese and it still really tasted like it. Blech. I handed the salad over to John and he said "yup, this really isn't your kind of salad with the bleu cheese and the fennel" and I said "you don't know how I feel about fennel!" and I took the salad back and had a piece of the fennel on its own and thought "oh, he's right, I really don't like fennel." So yeah. Blech. This is a big ole bleu cheese fennel mess. And, there was still too much salad dressing on it, lettuce is not supposed to drip salad dressing. D.

John: We just keep finding salads. Artisan Wine Cellar is a little wine/cheese/gourmet shop in the mart with a tiny little deli case. I've eaten their panini before and been very happy with their commitment to "doing it right" with good ingredients. So this week they added a daily salad, and since I'm sick to death of Foodstuffs - I couldn't be happier. Mixed greens, fennel, apples, bleu cheese and a red wine vin. YUM! This is easily the best bleu in the mart. Creamy with a bite that loves me long time. Hixx and I have been wedding reception shopping and if I could get a salad like this, we just might make to the altar. (sorry babe) The shop is on the first floor - riverside. Get there and get yours before this place gets overrun. It will be a new salad daily - but I suspect the quality will hold. A-