Friday, January 25, 2008

Caprese Salad

Margaret: You know, I don't know if it's just because we're towards the end of our salad eating, or that I'm so effing tired of this freaking cold, but I was truly annoyed with Foodstuffs today. We got the Caprese salad, which should have been great, mozzarella cheese (yum!), some basil, tomatoes, onion..these are all things I like. When we got the salad, instead of tomatoes our salad maker had put green peppers in instead. I even like green peppers, so I was willing to let it fly. But the thing about Foodstuffs is just really holding true, nothing has any taste but the salad dressing. It all looks good, big chunks of mozzarella, but when I ate just a piece of the mozzarella alone I couldn't taste a thing, and it was kind of gummy. I just think its annoying that they make us wait so long so they can "MAKE OUR FRESH SALADS" and their fresh salads don't taste like anything and then they put green peppers in one of their stock salads. They annoy me. Once we're done there, I'm done with Foodstuffs. Take that FS. D.

John: I will give you, any reader, $20 for every tomato you find in this Caprese Salad. $20. Maybe you'll make like $100 off me. Maybe not. Actually not. Cause there aren't any f'in tomatoes in this salad. Instead our genius server gave us green peppers. It it wasn't for the basil, this wouldn't have tasted like anything. When you omit the KEY ingredient in something you get an F. No amount of watery mozz will make up for your sins. F for your big fat fucking face Foodstuffs. Thank God we got egg rolls as a backup lunch. F.


wafelenbak said...

How on earth can you make a Caprese without tomatoes?! Shame on you, Foodstuffs! F indeed.

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