Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Mediterranean Salad

John: No the photo isn't out of focus. Its swimming in dressing. Yeah. What really kills me about this salad is that I just learned to LOVE Feta. That sour rustic flavor has finally grown on me. Too bad that Au Bon Pain Feta is just "crumbled white" cheese. This salad didn't taste like anything. Granted I had them hold the olives which would have helped but still. Too much dressing - not enough taste. C-.

Margaret: Patooey. I'm done with Au Bon Pain. I used to not mind it there so much. I like their turkey sandwiches. But their salads get worse and worse. And the lines and the way its organized is designed to make you annoyed. Berlch. This salad was literally swimming in dressing, way too much, it was dripping off the fork. I don't really like feta and I still couldn't taste it, which means it had no taste. The lettuce was fresh, but it was wet with vinegar and oil. A few red peppers helped things along, but much like the feta, it was washed out by all the salad dressing. Thank goodness they have big chunks of bread and plenty of butter, otherwise, I'd be starving right now. C-. I would give it a D, but this salad was at least edible. At least.

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