Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cripsy Chicken Caesar

John: Man these salads are all starting to run together. Wasn't sure until I got back to my desk if we had done this one or not. Turns out it was the GRILLED version we had. Well I'll tell ya what - although I'm sure that the chicken in both comes from the same factory, the crispy just tastes better. This salad wasn't the best or the worst I've ever had. Everything is still kinda wilty and the dressing is plastic tasting. As C as C can be.

Margaret: Yup. Okay fine, I'll admit it, I had a breakfast sandwich this morning. Not from Mickey D's, but had cheese and sausage on it, and it was delicious. Some mornings, when I know we're doing salads, I'll get one, because I seem to be so picky about the salads that I'll usually end up not eating much lunch. So when I sat down to a plateful of fried chicken, I just...blech. It seemed so heavy, so gross...I bit into the damn thing and the lettuce tastes like eating a toy from a happy meal, the tomatoes are not even worth it, and the one thin slice of carrot is doing nothing to help me eat healthier. It all just seemed so gross today. So maybe not the fault of the salad, maybe the fault of the breakfast sandwich, but it all just seemed plain wrong today. C-.

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