Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sonoma Salad

Margaret: This was good! I was in a hungry mood today (no breakfast sammy this morning, just a nice fruit cup!) so I was worried about our Pazzini's salad. I even asked John if we could get an actual pazzini to share just in case. And I needn't have worried. This is a good salad! There was lots of yummy stuff in it, all fresh and colorful and nice. Definitely get the salad dressing on the side...even the little bread was good! The salad would have been plenty, but pair the salad with half a pazzini and you get what I would call an almost perfect lunch. Only thing missing was a vodka seven. B+

John: For what is really just a garden salad this bad boy is pretty pricey. BUT its also the best salad I've had at Pazzini's. For $5.99 we got romaine, cucs, cheese, tomatoes and little flatbreads. I think the secret to this joint is DRESSING ON THE SIDE. Great salad but the $ brings it back down a bit. B+. If you had been like a buck cheaper you'd have been in the top 5. Ah well.

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