Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Black and Blue

John: Loved it! Its your classic "steak salad" but with deli roast beef instead of actual steak. My favorite from Quiznos by far. Everything was tasty and in good proportions. Fresh and crisp. What else do you need? Love the pita. Not a Potbelly killer but close. A-.

Margaret: Meh. It was okay. It's weird how the "okay" salads are turning out to be the best salads of all. Mediocrity in salads is winning here folks, write your Aldermen. I thought this was okay, I kinda of skipped the rules a bit and didn't get bleu cheese on mine. Because really, I'm going to hate any salad with hell cheese on it, so why even try? Isn't it more fair for me to judge the salad itself and not the hell cheese? Maybe, depends on which place we're getting salads! I thought this was fine. Lots of onion and tomato, the cute triangle container and the yummy pita bread all lead to an A, but the meat! The meat! This was not steak. Oh wait, John says its roast beef, okay fine but no roast beef on the planet is soft and squishy and flat as pancakes. I liked the salad dressing though and barely needed any because it was quite tangy. So for tangy and triangles, I'll give the Black and (no Blue) salad a B+.

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