Friday, August 17, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Chicken Caesar Asiago Salad

Margaret: FINALLY. For petes sakes Au Bon Pain, if you can make one good salad, you can make more right? Today we had the chicken asiago Caesar Salad and it was great. The chicken was delicious and tasted like real chicken, the cheese was good, the dressing nice and tangy, the breadstick long and sesamish. It was really quite good. I ate my whole thing up, ate it all up. I don’t think I’ve done that with an Au Bon Pain salad yet. Simple, but delicious. Yum. I was going to give it a B, and I thought, why a B? You really liked it! Give it an A! So A it is.

John: I left work at 1:00 on my first summer friday of the summer. The sun was out - we got a table "on" the river - the company was fantastic. This salad had the advantage of being in a GREAT time slot. Like following Sienfeld back in the day. The Single Guy with Jonathan Silverman made it 2 years in that slot. Unlike that attempt at a darker jewish Friends clone, this salad was awesome. At one point I found myself making a mental connecting between the kinda peppery chicken in the salad and my grandmothers kinda peppery chicken in her chicken salad. Thats an automatic A for the whole semester, just like if your college roomate kills themselves. Welcome to the Top 5 Au Bon Pain. For now...

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Sabrina said...

Jonathan Silverman, I remember the name of his work A!