Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Tuna Garden Salad

John: I like everything about this salad except the salad. It was another of these WET tossed salads. Again with the runny cucumber. Also Au Bon - tuna juice isn't a dressing. Really. The only reason I finished was out of the guilt I felt for throwing down like 10 doughnut holes around 9:30. The high point was the actual tuna. I'll bet its good on a sandwich. Probably won't find out. C-. Boo.

Margaret: Ah, sweet relief, I thought as I opened this salad. I like tuna fish, not tuna, but tuna fish, and here it was in all its glory...WAIT, what is that? Is that a cucumber? IT IS! Wait...what is that? It's a tomato! Oh holy day! Au Bon Pain put more than lettuce and smelly foot cheese in one of their salads! I'm so impressed! I was happy, at first. The salad was dripping wet with too much salad dressing. I tried to make little happy tuna sandwiches with my croutons (like I do with Potbelly's chicken salad salad) but the croutons were wet. Then I tried to put some of the tuna on my bread that was separate, and that didn't taste right either. After about one minute the salad started revealing itself as a slightly scary salad, one with soggy veggies and not that good tuna. Boo Au Bon Pain, my lord, how hard is this for you people? CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

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Sabrina said...

yum---smelly foot cheese!