Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chicago Pita
Garden Side Salad

John: I'm going to skip telling you that this little gem of side salad is so full that it bursts its container. B+++++ just like Tokyo Lunchbox. The story today is simple - the staff at Chicago Pita understands service and food. Food service if you will. Always friendly - always remembered - always quick. How many places these days can you say that about? If you like real food, made and served by real people, then Chicago Pita is for you. See you in line. I'm the one wearing dirty jeans.

Margaret: Yup, John is right. Becuase this little side salad was exactly what it was supposed to be, a tomato, a green pepper, tons of fresh lettuce. Exactly right. But I will say that I get other food from them a bunch (I sure do love that chicken gyro) and they always remember, and they're always kind, and they always make sure everyone's getting their food and moving along. The last salad we had from there was delicious (talk about getting chicken right for petes sakes) and we just had such a nice experience with them there today. It makes a lot nicer to go there for lunch, and you know, whether you're getting a salad or a gyro, that its going to be fresh and delicious and it won't be a fight just to order the dang thing. B+

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