Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chopped Chicken Salad

Margaret: Okay okay, we're doing a little better at the Foodstuffs. The wait was a lot shorter this time around, the poor everyone there has kind of a problem with ordering a salad AND something else from the "sausage" menu, but all in all, s'not bad. My only other complaint is the screens with the menu on them. The screens keep changing all the time, so you can never look and just decide on a salad, you have to reach way up front and grab a paper menu to decide what you want. It's really annoying. Anyway, today we had the chopped salad with chicken breast. I liked it pretty well, it covered a lot of bases previous salads don't...for example, broccoli. Such an easy thing to put in a salad, but I think that this may be the first salad we've had with broccoli in it. I LOVE broccoli, and it really smartens up a salad, how can this be the first one I've had? The chicken was still processy, but less processy than some others. I thought the vinagrette dressing was fine, but would have preferred a Ranch. But I think there's some good things on this salad. I liked it fine, honestly, its better than most. B. Solid B.

John: I'm just not feeling the groove of this place. This just seemed like stuff in a bowl with a little cup of brown poured on it. $7.99 makes it the most expensive non-vomit-sushi-salad salad in the mart. Whats killing me is that everything in the bowl is fresh and great. Why then doesn't it taste like anything? Crappy crappy dressing. Thats what it is. I still feel like there is a shot for the "makeyourown" to be good. C me in line at Foodstuffs.

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