Thursday, December 6, 2007

BLT Salad

John: Foodstuffs is really just a 'lil Au Bon Pain. Too bad. Where to begin? I'm sure that once the "newness" wears off the lines will get smaller - but today it was a full half hour between the time we got in line and the time we sat down to eat. HALF AN HOUR! You can't do that to people who only get 60 minutes with travel time to eat. But its new and therefore being overwhelmed by people looking to try it and I can look the other way. The workers were moving at TOP speed the entire time and the wait didn't have anything to do with them. Our "Salad Artist" was great actually. The salad itself was also just so so. It reminded me of the Pazzini Chicken Salad. All the required ingredients were in the bowl, but it didn't seem like I was eating a salad. More like scooping things out of a bowl into my mouth. I already have my first tip for you readers - get it tossed with dressing on the side. Our chopped salads were more mashed than chopped - and the lack of a step will save you time. This place may turn out to be awesome. Maybe not. Today was a not. For the time and the lack of WOW, I give you D.

Margaret: Well well well, Foodstuffs huh? Sausages and Salads huh? Mkay, I can jive with that. I can even jive waiting way too long to get a frickin salad, because, well, its your opening week. I understand that things aren't going to run so smoothly right now. That's okay. Plus, the TWENTY minute wait for our food allowed us to meet other wonderful salad eaters as well.I actually think Foodstuffs could be the new meat market of Chicago, you never know where your next boyfriend is coming from. So we decided (I decided) on the BLT salad. Simple, easy, delicious...or not. Something was terribly wrong here. I'm not sure if it was the croutons, or the bacon, but something tasted funny. not funny like spoiled food or anything, but funny like they spiced something wrong. First salad, and already I'm leery about ordering the next seven. But I do what I have to do folks. I do what I have to do. D.

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