Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Au Bon Pain
Mediterranean Salad

John: No the photo isn't out of focus. Its swimming in dressing. Yeah. What really kills me about this salad is that I just learned to LOVE Feta. That sour rustic flavor has finally grown on me. Too bad that Au Bon Pain Feta is just "crumbled white" cheese. This salad didn't taste like anything. Granted I had them hold the olives which would have helped but still. Too much dressing - not enough taste. C-.

Margaret: Patooey. I'm done with Au Bon Pain. I used to not mind it there so much. I like their turkey sandwiches. But their salads get worse and worse. And the lines and the way its organized is designed to make you annoyed. Berlch. This salad was literally swimming in dressing, way too much, it was dripping off the fork. I don't really like feta and I still couldn't taste it, which means it had no taste. The lettuce was fresh, but it was wet with vinegar and oil. A few red peppers helped things along, but much like the feta, it was washed out by all the salad dressing. Thank goodness they have big chunks of bread and plenty of butter, otherwise, I'd be starving right now. C-. I would give it a D, but this salad was at least edible. At least.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grilled Chicken Asian

Margaret: You know, it kind of gets to a point with these salads, especially Mickey D's...where there's hardly even a point to reviewing them anymore. Because listen, I know you're going to sprinkle salmon-colored grilled chicken over a pretty good salad. I know I'm going to think its disgusting and I know I'm not going to eat the whole thing. I know I thought it was pretty good with the crispy chicken on it and I know I'm going to get a cheeseburger too because your grilled chicken is disgusting. Now that we know all this, lets just go ahead and give you what you normally get for your salmon chicken Micks, and bestow you with a C-. Good salad, disgusting chicken. Figure it out McDonalds, or else you're going down in FLAMES.

John: Great tasting salad full of fresh crisp ingredients! Too bad there is a rubber chicken on top of it. Really this would have been so much better without the chicky breast. Thank God I had a BigMac chaser! The difference in calories between the grilled and the crispy is only 90. The difference in taste between the two is like 1000. Go ahead clowny - clog my arteries with flavor! C.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sonoma Salad

Margaret: This was good! I was in a hungry mood today (no breakfast sammy this morning, just a nice fruit cup!) so I was worried about our Pazzini's salad. I even asked John if we could get an actual pazzini to share just in case. And I needn't have worried. This is a good salad! There was lots of yummy stuff in it, all fresh and colorful and nice. Definitely get the salad dressing on the side...even the little bread was good! The salad would have been plenty, but pair the salad with half a pazzini and you get what I would call an almost perfect lunch. Only thing missing was a vodka seven. B+

John: For what is really just a garden salad this bad boy is pretty pricey. BUT its also the best salad I've had at Pazzini's. For $5.99 we got romaine, cucs, cheese, tomatoes and little flatbreads. I think the secret to this joint is DRESSING ON THE SIDE. Great salad but the $ brings it back down a bit. B+. If you had been like a buck cheaper you'd have been in the top 5. Ah well.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cripsy Chicken Caesar

John: Man these salads are all starting to run together. Wasn't sure until I got back to my desk if we had done this one or not. Turns out it was the GRILLED version we had. Well I'll tell ya what - although I'm sure that the chicken in both comes from the same factory, the crispy just tastes better. This salad wasn't the best or the worst I've ever had. Everything is still kinda wilty and the dressing is plastic tasting. As C as C can be.

Margaret: Yup. Okay fine, I'll admit it, I had a breakfast sandwich this morning. Not from Mickey D's, but still..it had cheese and sausage on it, and it was delicious. Some mornings, when I know we're doing salads, I'll get one, because I seem to be so picky about the salads that I'll usually end up not eating much lunch. So when I sat down to a plateful of fried chicken, I just...blech. It seemed so heavy, so gross...I bit into the damn thing and the lettuce tastes like eating a toy from a happy meal, the tomatoes are not even worth it, and the one thin slice of carrot is doing nothing to help me eat healthier. It all just seemed so gross today. So maybe not the fault of the salad, maybe the fault of the breakfast sandwich, but it all just seemed plain wrong today. C-.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wreck Salad

John: Today we have a special guest eat with us. And what a day to have a guest. I thought this was a pretty good salad - but not the best that Potbelly's has to offer. It almost had TOO MANY ingredients. Maybe it was two cheeses (swiss and bleu) that threw me off. Still a damn fine value and a damn fine salad. B+

Margaret: Delicious. Delicious delicious delicious. I loved this, I think salads with egg are just a little extra delicious. I love all the separate ingredients, you put your fork down and you come up with some cuke, some egg, some lettuce, some meat and a touch of ranch. That is truly the best bite of salad. Again, I can make my little salad sammitches I love so much and best of all, John got me a little bag of cookies for after the salad. And we ALL know that Potbelly's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the best things on the planet. I love this salad (I will admit I got it without bleu cheese, but still)I give it an A.